JUNE 2018

CENTER GALLERY | The Stones Speak | Jo Going

NORTH GALLERY | Greater Anchorage Portrait Society Group Show

SOUTH GALLERY | Paintings of John Coyne

DEEP SOUTH GALLERY | Transparency | Alexia Bolter


MAY 2018

CENTER GALLERY | InFormal Nature | Susan Joy Share

NORTH GALLERY | Her Stories: Cold Wax and Assemblage Paintings | Tami Phelps

SOUTH GALLERY | Growing Panes: Reflections on an Amaryllis | Tami Phelps and Richard Murphy


APRIL 2018

All Galleries  |  Duos: Alaskan Creative Couples –– a multi-media exhibit curated by Graham Dane and Pat Shelton featuring the work of Alaskan couples that live and create together.


MARCH 2018

Center Gallery | Mergers | Susan Bizecki

North and South Galleries | Technology and Nature | UAA Painting and Sculpture Student Showcase



Center Gallery | Earth Works | Elise Rose

North Gallery | Interior | Karinna Gomez

South Gallery | Peepshow: Small Erotic Art | Member's Exhibition



All Galleries   |    IGCA Member Exhibition




All Galleries   |    IGCA Member Exhibition


Center Gallery   |    Raw Natures   |  Katherine Coons

North Gallery   |   Existence Value  |  Allison Estergard

South Gallery   |    Can Machines Copy  |  Emma Sheffer

MARCH  2017


NORTH GALLERY: Postcards to Anchorage curated by Graham Dane and Linda Infante Lyons

SOUTH GALLERY: Hollis Mickey 

APRIL  2017

All Galleries   |        Unheard Voices | Unheard Wisdom|   Carmel Anderson

May 2017

All Galleries   |       El Camino Real |   Michael Conti

June 2017

Center Gallery |       Marksmanship |      Hans Hallinen

North and South Galleries   |       Alaskan Dreamscapes       |       UAA painting students mural project  

July 2017

Center Gallery      |       Unseen |    Joe Yelverton

North Gallery   |       Short Stories       |       Anne Wedler

South Gallery   |       168 Hours       |       Jennifer Drinkwater      

 August 2017   

ALL GALLERIES: Five from Fairbanks

Group Painting Exhibition curated by Graham Dane featuring Kes Woodward, Bill Brody, Sara Tabbert, Adam Ottavi, and Annie Duffy

September 2017


NORTH GALLERY: Marcia R. Cohen

SOUTH GALLERY: Mieko Takamae

October 2017   

ALL GALLERIES:   Intercurrents: The Alaska Treaty of Cession     |     Curated by Pat Shelton

November 2017   

ALL GALLERIES: Four From Fairbanks: Part II  is the second Fairbanks group exhibition featuring artists: Jessie Hedden, Margo Klass, David Mollett, and Sheryl Reily. The exhibition is curated by Graham Dane.

December 2017

ALL GALLERIES: 100 x100 Group Exhibition of 100 artworks at $ 100 or less




All Galleries   |    IGCA Member Exhibition


Center Gallery |    Don Decker    |   Snow on Water

North Gallery |    Sarah Melissa Whalen    |   Animus: the Collective Unconscious

South Gallery |    Outside In: Paintings from other Places  |   an exhibition of paintings about place curated by Honor Bowman

MARCH  2016

All Galleries   |    StephenGray   |  Totem and Taboo

APRIL 2016

Center Gallery |    Will Kozloff   |  In Sympathy for the Hand

North and South Galleries |    UAA Sculpture Student Exhibition   |  Decomposition

MAY 2016

North and South Galleries |    Don Mohr   |  On the Whiteness of the Whale

Center Gallery |    Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books   |  a traveling exhibition of minature handmade books from all over the world

JUNE 2016

North and South Galleries   |    Tom Chung, Kristin DeSmith, Allison Estergard, Debbie Even, and Lacie Stiewing  |  Collect Art

Center Gallery |   Bears!  |  a group exhibition

JULY 2016

All Galleries   |    Common Ground      |       Group Show curated by Graham Dane 

7 women artists featuring Landscape Painting : Lisa Gilley (Seattle), Jane Troup, (South Carolina), Amy Casey (Chicago), Ruth Sorenson (Hawaii), Asia Freeman (Homer, AK) , Betany Porter (Anchorage, AK) and Linda Infante Lyons (Anchorage, AK)


All Galleries   |     Graham Dane    |       Roots of Travel to and in The Beyond


CENTER GALLERY: Gregory Eltringham


SOUTH GALLERY: Ben Tollefson


CENTER GALLERY: IGCA Group Exhibition   |   Monster Drawing Rally

NORTH GALLERY: Alisa Holen   |   Connections and Capacities

SOUTH GALLERY: Katie Craney   |   Albedo


ALL GALLERIES: Rarefied Light 2016  |  Amy Arbus Juror


CENTER GALLERY: Chapter 65, The Whale as a Dish  |  David Pettibone with Herman Ahsoak

NORTH GALLERY: Situs Relictus    |     Sandra Talbot and Jason Fristensky

SOUTH GALLERY: Wish you were here!   |     Honor Hall






All GALLERIES: Annual Member Artist Exhibition

GUEST ROOM: Nathan Perry



All GALLERIES: Hugh - a group exhibition highlighting the influence Hugh McPeck had on many individuals in our community over the years. Hugh's colleagues, current and former students, friends, and others impacted by him, have submitted works in honor of, inspired by, or completed under his instruction.

GUEST ROOM: Alaska Design Forum,Cabin Fever Design Challenge. In November The Alaska Design Forum put out a challenge to our Alaskan communities to develop contemporary ‘cabin’ designs that address the inherent difficulties and highlight the uniqueness of living in the frozen North. 43 teams, with 85 participants have responded to this juried design challenge.


MARCH  2015

CENTER GALLERY: Paradox   L. Saunders McNeill 

NORTH GALLERY: Spring Birch Ted Herlinger

SOUTH GALLERY: You grow inside me, I grow around you    Laura Avellaneda-Cruz,Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz, with Ash Adams

GUEST ROOM: Night Owls Rejoice   Mikey Huff

APRIL  2015

CENTER GALLERY:  The Debutantes    Sharon VanStarkenburg

NORTH AND SOUTH GALLERIES:  In Transition    UAA Sculpture Student Exhibition

MAY 2015

CENTER AND SOUTH GALLERIES: Sow it Grows    Rachelle Dowdy

NORTH GALLERY: Painted with Light   Jonathon Lang

JUNE 2015

ALL GALLERIES: Recent Work    Sonya Kelliher-Combs

JULY 2015

CENTER GALLERY: On Migrating Alanna deRocchi

NORTH GALLERY: Sexual Sovereignty    Ricky Tagaban 

SOUTH GALLERY: Picture Letters    Mieko Takamae

AUGUST  2015

CENTER GALLERY:   Transitions       Ted Kim

NORTH GALLERY:    The Silent Horizon      Cam Choy 

SOUTH GALLERY:    Long Lost West       Group Exhibition Curated by Keren Lowell


CENTER and SOUTH GALLERIES:    My Mother    Group Exhibition Curated by Esther Hong     

NORTH GALLERY:  Broad Spectrum: Paintings from the Low Country and the Last Frontier    |    Honor Bowman and Alex Waggoner


ALL GALLERIES:    Rarified Light    |    The Alaska Photographic Center Juried Exhibition   |    Susan Burnstine, Juror

November  2015

Center Gallery    |    100 X 100    |    Group Exhibition

South Gallery    |    No False Notes    |    Alaska Quarterly Review Exhibition

North Gallery    |    O100: Cyberscapes    |    Rosemary Redmond

December  2015

Center Gallery    |    Anchorage Narratives    |    Group Exhibition

                Angela Yatlin Gonzalez | Kris Farmen | Dawnell Smith | Ademola Bello | Nathan Shafer

South Gallery    |    ...and everything in between    |    Michele Suchland

North Gallery    |    A Small Body of Work    |    Jeanie Smith and Elise Rose