On View May 2019 | Elizabeth Eero Irving | Shoko Takahashi | Mikhail Siskoff

First Friday opening reception: May 3rd, 5 - 8pm

On view: Saturday, May 4th - Saturday, June 1st

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 12 - 4pm

Artist Reception: Friday, May 24th at 6:30pm

CENTER GALLERY | Elizabeth Eero Irving / A Place to Call Home
Elizabeth Eero Irving is a professional studio artist and third generation Alaskan. She earned her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, and MFA from Northern Vermont University at the Vermont Studio Center. In addition to her own studio arts practice, she is an independent curator of exhibits, teaches art and arts career workshops, and is the founding member of Fairbanks Sketchers. She is the recipient of a Rasmuson Individual Artist Award and a Connie Boocheever Artist Fellowship. When not making art, she loves skiing, bike touring, chain sawing firewood, and volunteering in feline rescue. 

Elizabeth Eero Irving,  Where All Our Friends Live , Ink drawing on paper

Elizabeth Eero Irving, Where All Our Friends Live, Ink drawing on paper


NORTH GALLERY | Shoko Takahashi / The Illusion of Motion in the Accordion Book
“The visual images in my mind are not still. They are moving like old motion pictures. The images are usually projected in my head frame by frame just like an old movie projector does. I wanted to output these continuous moving images through the accordion book format. I am not a religious person, but by growing up in Japan I am heavily influenced by Japanese ancient belief, Shinto ideology. I believe that all living creatures have spirits. Not only living creatures, but I also believe that spirits exist in everywhere and anything. I often see human qualities in animals and objects. In my imagination, they are talking and feeling just like us. I wanted to highlight them in my motion picture books as main characters. I believe that humanity never comes first. We co-exist with everything on this beautiful earth. By working with these subjects, I was able to set my human arrogance aside.”

Shoko Takahashi,  Night Driving , Screen Printed Accordion Book

Shoko Takahashi, Night Driving, Screen Printed Accordion Book


SOUTH GALLERY | Mikhail Siskoff / Dollar Cinema
“This exhibition is inspired by the low-budget exploitation films of the 1970’s often referred to as Grindhouse, which feature lurid stories loaded with plenty of sex and violence. Director Robert Rodriguez describes Grindhouse films as “go-for-broke movies where you made the poster first and go from there”, and that’s what I’ve done here. The images and the title suggest the theme but you sort of think up the characters and plot line on your own.”

Mikhail Siskoff,  Dollar Cinema,  Collage

Mikhail Siskoff, Dollar Cinema, Collage