Stories from Santa Fe to Anchorage

A workshop opportunity with the Kimura Gallery

Daniel McCoy Jr.,  They Speak to Me , 2017, acrylic on wood panels

Daniel McCoy Jr., They Speak to Me, 2017, acrylic on wood panels


As part of the upcoming Kimura Gallery exhibition of new work by Santa Fe based artist, Daniel McCoy Jr. (Muscogee Creek/Citizen Potawatomi Nation) we are putting together a Saturday afternoon community project for IGCA members called Stories from Santa Fe to Anchorage.

For this project, IGCA members are going to tap into their own individual stories to create a collective mural-style artwork based on a design by McCoy.  

We will kick things off with presentations from Alaskan storytellers, and then get to work painting characters from our own stories to hang in the gallery for the remainder of the exhibition.

When: March 16th 1:00 - 3:00
Where: Kimura Gallery in the UAA Arts Building 
Cost: FREE!

Due to space and materials attendance is limited to 15 participants for this workshop.
Please sign up and reserve your spot by signing up below.

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Due to limited space please be certain of the number of participants and let us know if anything changes by emailing us at